‘Make Good Art’ Speech by Neil Gaiman – Book Review

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'Make Good Art' Speech by Neil Gaiman

‘Make Good Art’ Speech by Neil Gaiman

A small book with a speech from Neil Gaiman that he made to the Philadelphia University of Arts in May 2012. I like Neil Gaiman anyway, I love his work, and I thought this might be a nice little book to pick up.

It’s designed by Chip Kidd, again, a designer I like, who’s work is great, and it’s worth getting it for his typesetting alone. Very nice, very imaginative and lovely to look at.

The speech itself is brilliant. Gaiman makes a lot of sense, and is basically this… “make good art”. Whatever life throws at you, and whether you re doing this to make money, support your family, for fun, whatever, do it to make good art.

And he’s right! He mentions that the times when he did stuff for the money, he made bad art, he wasn’t happy with it, or he never got the money anyway, and he’s right. It’s easy to say when you’re down to your last £2 in the bank account and can’t borrow any more, or when it’s been 8 weeks and your customer hasn’t paid you still, but if you don’t make something you are pround of, that you love, then there is no point doing it at all.

Well worth a look for any creatives – he puts it a lot better than I do!

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