Round-up of inspiration…

This week’s inspiration from around the internet…

1. A Stylistic Survey of Graphic Design
A wonderful chart depicting all the different styles and movements in Graphic Design by Pop Chart Lab – interesting and informative and beautifully done.

2. Retro Vintage Motivational Quotes
Some great brightly coloured fun and bold prints from Vintage Vectors Studio – found on Behance, a great place to find inspiring and wonderful work!

3. The Gif Resume
I have a soft spot for Gifs – I think they are so much fun 🙂 and these are not only a very creative and fun way to display your resume, but also you can use them if you reference the source!

4. Wild & Free Designs
I love maps, globes and good typography – therefore, I love this site. And I’m going to end up spending some serious money here too…

5. Colour Book
An awful amount of effort must have gone into this… and it reminds me of the Colour Theory work I did as a student!

6. Finder app icon

7. Stitch the Stars Calendar
So fun, so creative, lovely.

Enjoy 🙂

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