Round-up of inspiration…

This week’s inspiration from around the internet…(sorry it’s a little late!)

1. Miami Houses
Some beautiful photos of houses on stilts from Miami by Leo Caillard. These reminded me of some of the houses I saw in Florida whilst saying down there about 10 years ago.

2. Chalkboard Quotes
These have been doing the rounds on the internet, but they are bloody amazing! Some students from the Columbus College of Art & Design have been drawing amazing quotes in chalk each week…

3. New Drew de Soto book
Awesome new book from Drew de Soto, I’ve read and loved the first two, I’m sure this will be just as awesome!

4. 12 principle of animation
Brilliant gifs showing the 12 principle of animation, based on Disney work, by Cento Lodigiani.

5. 100 Years of Type in Design
Monotype and Pentagram celebrate 100 years of type in Design – an amazing show in NY that I wish I could get to 😦

6. Brightpads by Brunch
I want one in every colour! (You can buy them here)

7. Count Down by Luke Choice
Awesome brightly coloured numbers 🙂

8. If your food told the brutal truth
Very funny, very witty, very sweet. Also, sadly, very true!

Enjoy 🙂

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