Round-up of inspiration…

The last fortnight’s inspiration from around the internet… (I’ve been away, so I’m a little behind…)

1. City of Industry Pins
I have a small collection of pins on my leather jacket – it has to be an impressive pin to make it to my jacket, and all these would qualify! Lovely pins from City of Industry.

2. Ginger Monkey – SOURCE branding
Ginger Monkey is awesome – I absolutely love his work, and this is no exception. Beautiful ornate typography.

3. Timothy McSweeney’s
A very witty look at a client’s notes to God re: the creation of Earth.

4. John Phillip Emslie’s Information Design
I always think of information design as a fairly modern phenomena, but these beautiful and detailed illustrations are from the mid to late 1800s and are amazing.

5. The Wines of Westeros
Wine + Game of Thrones = Happy Laura 🙂

6. Doctor Spekto Covers
Some amazing illustrations for Doctor Spektor by Christian Ward.

7. Dan Matutina
Very clever! Heart shaped illustrations combining enemies – from apple and android to Angry Birds and Pigs!

8. Vince and Ann Wedding Invitations
Some lovely wedding invitations… beautiful typography!

9. Tesco Revisionist Craft Beer Packaging
Agency R Design’s new designs for Tesco’s new range of craft beers – well executed idea – I love these!

10. Saison Market Growler Bottle
Beautiful lettering by Tim Skirven – lovely work.

11. IBM Icons
Colourful, clever little icons for IBM – for IBM Smarter Planet. These look awesome on their own and as part of the branding. By Office in San Francisco.

12. Type Ornament Christmas Tree
Wrong time of year, but bloody lovely, all the same!

Enjoy 🙂

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