Round-up of inspiration…

This week’s inspiration from around the internet…

1. Onboard Stationery
Beautiful example of letterpressed stationery for Onboard. I love the colours, the typography, the paper – wonderful stuff!

2. Paper Birds
Intricate delicate paper birds created by Diana Beltran Herrera. The amount of work that must have gone into these, they are fantastic!

3. 3D Calligraphy
Clever stuff, calligraphy that looks like it’s literally coming off the page!

4. Letterpressed packaging for DSTILL
Fantastic packaging – letterpresses box!

5. Made With Local Packaging
Hand drawn design for “Made with Local” wholesome, organic, beautiful…

6. Pearly Queen London
Fabulous typography for this logo and branding – haven’t been able to tear my eyes away!

7. Prints by Yeaaah! Studio
I love the style of these prints – so amazing!

Sorry these are a little late… been a busy bee this week!


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