Round-up of inspiration…

This week’s inspiration from around the internet…

1. Glennz Tees
These are always so funny, witty and clever… and these new designs are just brilliant!

2. Wallington Typeface
A new beautiful typeface, I am going to be buying this very soon, not sure what I am going to do with it yet… designed by Zeune Ink Foundry.

3. Unruly Gin & Vodka Packaging
Hired Guns Creative unveil some truly epic bottle designs.

4. Gorgeous illustrations from Baran Sarigul
I love the style of these, almost caricature…

5. “Fatherly” website
Fantastic web design for a parenting web platform, by Apartment One, Victoria Herrera and Spencer Paul Bagley – really great design.

6. More illustrations…
Some amazing etchings and paintings from Takashi Yamamoto.

7. Chicks and Type
An intimate love story by Simone Massoni between the two things she is passionate about… illustration and typography… just lovely.

Playing catch up due to a busy few weeks of sailing!


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