Round-up of inspiration…

This week’s inspiration from around the internet…

1. Zombie Safe Zone Maps
Lovely prints helping you find the “safe zone” in your area if the zombie apocalypse happens…

2. Game of Thrones Weather App
As part of a promo in Poland for season 4 of Game of thrones, this weather app was designed. I love it.

3. Certificate of Awesomeness
Jessica Hische sells these brilliant certificates to cheer you up…

4. Pavlov’s Visuals
Beautiful illustrations, so simple but effective, I love the girl on the skateboard!

5. Montok Illustrations
Illustrations for the Montok newspaper to illustrate Montok by Ooli Mos.

6. Under the Sign of Saturnism
Beautiful letterpress design by Gabriele Fumero and letterpressed by Archivio Typografico.

7. Inkymole Christmas Cards
Beautiful kaleidoscope designs and many printing techniques… just lovely, by Inkymole.



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