Round-up of inspiration…

This week’s inspiration from around the internet…

1. Fashion Men by Fernando Vicente
Beautiful fashion illustrations of beautiful men… 🙂

2. Animals by Si Scott
I do love Si Scott’s work, and these are stunning as usual – hand drawn animal series.

3. Card Game App project
Jonatan Cantero’s artwork for a cancelled project – these were going to be used for a card game app. Amazing illustrations.

4. Super Looper
Don’t click on this link unless you have time to play! Lovely music maker – beautiful graphics – amazing!

5. Onward Internet
Nice animation about some facts about the internet from Buck.

6. Alienation by Anelia Loubster
Great photography project looking at people’s eyes and foreheads upside down – making them look like alien faces. Stunning photography.

7. VHS skateboards
Awesome old school VHS designs on skateboard decks by 5boro.


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