About Me

Me - Laura EydmannOnce upon a time there was a little girl who used to spend her days drawing pictures, tracing lettering and designing make-believe worlds. She did well at school, but she didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up. After trying out managing a bar, and sail making, sailing across the Atlantic to far distant lands and back, she realised that she could do what she loved as a job… and after she travelled to the University of Plymouth and spent 3 years there, she started her own freelance business – from then on she lived happily ever after…I am now a freelance graphic designer with a love of typography and lettering. I work on both paper and the computer, and love to experiment with different media and techniques. I used letterpress at University and loved it so much I am now working on restoring my own press. I have also played around with medium format photography as well as digital, playing with different lenses, filters and cameras. I have worked with small local businesses, county-wide organisations, international businesses and individuals, and like to take on a challenge! I have worked in collaboration with a few different people, and I’m always happy to try new techniques and media.

This year I have been shortlisted for the Herald Express South Devon Business Excellence Young Entrepreneur Award. I am now looking at ways to expand the business, and hope to grow throughout the year.

If I’m not designing, I’m sailing – living by the sea makes this easier, and throughout the summer I can be found on the water or in the bar enjoying the “apres-sailing” atmosphere… I’m also involved in the committee helping with the communications and advertising.

I also enjoy running and climbing, and took part in the Brighton Marathon 2012 raising money for Cancer Research UK. I like to go running and clear my head and find it a good way of staying creative and to mull over ideas. As I can sometimes spend a long time sat at a computer, it’s good to get out and about and get some exercise! I started climbing last Autumn and absolutely love it, having become a member of my local indoor climbing centre.

Finally, I am a huge geek, and love reading, podcasts, films and TV. I am partial to a bit of sci-fi and fantasy, and like to review books on my blog. I love books and spend hours in second hand book shops and perusing book stores online and in the high street. I love gadgets and can usually be found with a macbook on my lap or a phone in my hand. I would love to start learning more about app design, perhaps working with a developer to design my own.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Trina says:

    nice blog — and work!

  2. justintofood says:

    Hi x. I really like your work and have a question for you. I want to develop a platform for cooking-admirers and graphic designers. I want to share my passion for cooking, but I am not a cook. Because I am not a cook, I can’t invent new recipes. Still I want to share my passion for cooking. So altering and transforming a photo of a selfmade dish can be exciting to erase the boundaries between food and design and highlight the beauty of ingredients. That’s why I want to collaborate with designers and ask them to alter my cooking-photos. The only condition is to process the ingredients list in the image. It will be great if you want to participate and be one of the first designers to start this platform. Your work will always be yours. I will never use your work for other purposes. I wlll also note you in the post with name and website. Please contact me. Kind regards, Justin

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