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Dartington Infographic

I was recently approached to design an info graphic for a piece about the economics of Dartington, a local organisation who work in partnership to build creative and resilient communities which can be a force for positive social change. They wanted an infographic to explain how they work, and had some ideas about what they wanted it to look like, and together we put together this…

Dartington Infographic

Dartington Infographic

It was good fun to have a blank canvas and just a little bit of branding as a restraint for this, and I am really pleased with the final results!


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New Project – Crabstitch Logo

I designed this logo a while ago for a friend’s new business – he wanted something easy to embroider that represented the name of the business: Crabstitch.

Crabstitch is a local embroidery business, who specialise in clothing – they can digitise, embroider or screen print your design. Based in Torpoint, they cover Devon and Cornwall, small orders and large. They needed a logo that was friendly but professional.

Crabstitch Ideas

Crabstitch Ideas

I worked on various different ideas based around the same theme, and we finally decided on this little fellow:

Crabstitch Logo

Crabstitch Logo

You can see him in action on the website here: www.crabstitch.co.uk



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“What’s Your Type” Competition Update

Just a quick update to let you know that all your hard work voting paid off… And one of my letters made the winning alphabet!
My ‘i’ (pictured below) is the final i of the alphabet!

You can see a full list of the winners over on Oh Momma’s blog.
I’ll update you all on the poster and other information soon.


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This Week’s Inspiration

A bit late due to the fact that I have been entertaining and running all weekend…

1. Excuses Design Collective Poster

Poster made of real sprinkles!

Awesome print made with real sprinkles and blackletter.

2. Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography

Stephen Fry on language

Brilliant typographic animation by Matt Rogers.

3. Gangsta Lorem Ipsum

Gangsta Lorem Ipsum

I used to add spells from Harry potter in my placeholder text, now I can pretend it’s from “da hood

4. Aidan’s Monsters

Aidan's Monsters

Aidan is a 5 year old boy with Leukamia. His drawings of monsters are on sale on Etsy and all proceeds go towards his medical bills. An awesome little boy.

5. Tyler the Accountant

Packaging for a personalised action figure

Brennan Gilbert’s fab personalised gift for his brother.

6. Iconic Eyewear Poster

Framework Glasses

Lovely illustrated poster by Moxy Creative.

7. Olimpia Zagnoli

Olimpia Zagnoli's Illustration work

Bright and colouful whimisical work from Zagnoli.

8. The Word Made Flesh

Typographic Tattoos

More fantastic typographic tattoos here.

9. Unbelievable Adverts

Banned Advertising

I can’t believe most of these

10. Kawaii Star Wars Alphabet

R is for R2D2

A-Z in Star Wars characters by Joe Wight.




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This Week’s Inspiration

Here it is, hopefully on time this week too…

1. Physical Fiction

Letterpress with Lego

Pixel art created with lego and a letterpress by Samuel Cox and Justin LaRosa. Genius.

2. Google Advertising Campaign

Google "JetLag" Advert

Play on mispelling in the new google ads.

3. Waiting for Phoenix

Waiting For Pheonix by Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell, inspired by the rescue of the Chilean miners, created this.

4. Campaign for Wool

Wool Week at Selfridges

The new campaign for wool, launched by Woolmark and designed by Tom Hingston Studio.

5. Album Cover Stamps

Album Cover Stamps - Pink Floyd & Coldplay

Stamps designed to celebrate classic album covers by Studio Dempsey. Reminiscent of the Beatles Stamps designed by Johnson Banks.

6. Robot, Monster and Ghost Co. Packet

Robot Monster Ghost

Promotional gear from Chicago based Robot, Monster and Ghost Co. I want one!

7. Josh Brill’s Birds

The Dodo

Brilliant collection of prints from Josh Brill.

8. Helvetica Cross-stitch


How cool is this? I’ll be making samplers for everyone’s christmas presents…

9. Stella Artois Adverts

Stella Advert

Fabulous new adverts from Stella.

10. ACDC Excel

ACDC Excel Video

There are no words to describe the awesomeness that is this video.

On that note… TTFN,


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This Week’s Inspiration

A little late this week as I was away this weekend. Enjoy!

1. The Unruly Alphabet

The Unruly Alphabet by Aaron McKinney

Brilliant illustrated typography by Aaron Mckinney, available here.

2. Wedding Invites

Wedding Invites by Urban Influence

Wedding invites built around the theme of vintage Boyscout materials.

3. Tattoine

Tattoine Animation

Tattoine by Jeremy Messersmith. Watch it here.

4. Junk Portraits

Junk Portraits

Zac Freeman’s portraits made from collected junk.

5. Movie Posters

Movie Posters inspired by men's style

Movie posters by Moxie Creative inspired by men’s style.

6. Seaquence

Seaquence Music Ecosystem

Fantastic little interactive game where you create a musical organism.

7. San Francisco – The Miniature City

Time Lapse and Tilt-Shift Video

Amazing video of San Francisco filmed with time-lapse and tilt-shift photography.

8. London Futures Postcards

London in the future?

What climate change may do to our capital, by Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones.

9. Tiltshift Van Gogh

TiltShift Van Gogh by Serena Malyon

Serena Malyon alters Van Gogh paintings in photoshop.

10. Julot Show

Julot Show's website

Wow- what a website!

That’s all for now folks,



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Monthly Inspiration Round Up

Here’s September’s offerings, just a few odd things that haven’t made it to the weekly post, but that I wanted to share:

Pop Chart Lab Beer Poster

Lego Build Anything - Temujin Doran

Room 13 Adverts

Shadow Art by Kumi Yamashita

Alejo Malia's Google Illustrations

Diver & Aguilar “Caravaggio” – Moda Magazine

Morbid Plush Dolls

History of Creation Reloaded

Grimm Brothers Beer Bottles

Tibetian Mandalas by Thorleifur Gunnar Gíslason




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This Week’s Inspiration

Woohoo! On time this week! This is due to a new app I have – “EpicWin“. Go and buy it, it will change your life (well, it’ll make you smile and possibly make you get through your to-do list a little quicker…) Anyway, here it is:

1. Leon Ryan

Ace of Spades by Leon Ryan

Some fabulous work by illustrator Leon Ryan.

2. Ribbons of Red

Ribbons of Red Business Cards

Letterpressed cards for Ribbons of Red – a design studio with a big heart.

3. myFry

The Fry Chronicles - app

An app for the new autobiography from Stephen Fry – myFry.

4. Making Future Happen

Berg's Making Future Magic

Design Studio Berg’s new film: Making Future Magic. Pretty impressive!

5. Yum Yum’s new toys

Yum Yum's new toys

Brilliant new toys from Yum Yum London! I want them all!

6. The Gentle Beast

The Gentlebeast by Shane Duquette

I’m a sucker for a well designed book. Here’s Shane Duquette’s book “The Gentlebeast“.

7. Moonstruck

Moonstruck Chocolate Packaging

Lovely illustrated chocolate packaging from typographer: Kate Forrester.

8. The Farmers Cart

The Farmers Cart branding by Ten and a Half

Nice identity work from English studio: Ten and a Half.

9. Ampersand Letterpress Print

Ampersand Letterpress Print

Ampersand print from Colorcubic, a studio from Portland, Oregon.

10. The Royal Opera House

The New Crest for The Royal Opera House

New redrawn crest for the Royal Opera House – absolutely stunning.

That’s all for now, I’ll post again soon with some new work…



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This Week’s Inspiration

Late again! I know… I promise I’ll be back to regular blogging next week, or at least I’ll try… So here it is anyway:

1. Chris Bishop

Chris Bishop's Captain America

Fantastic illustrations based on various different cult classics – Star Wars, Captain America etc.

2. Type Experiments

Type Experiments

Brilliant experiments into the legibility of typefaces, concluding in typeface design.

3. The Wilderness Downtown

The Wilderness Downtown

New interactive website/music video from Arcade Fire. Really interesting use of HTML5. Definitely worth a look.

4. The Good Sisters Stay Naked

The Good Sisters Stay Naked

Animation by McBess rendering one of his tattooed illustrations.

5. Hasting Council’s Anti-Dog Poo Campaign

Hastings Online - Environment and Planning

Hasting Borough Council’s newest campaign against dog poo.

6. The Redstone Inkblot Test

The Redstone Inkblot Test

A look at the Rorschach test by Redstone Press.

7. Durex Readyjet

Durex Readyjet

The new Safe Sex promotion package from Durex for University students.

8. Evergreen Solar Animations

Evergreen Solar Animations

Lovely animations by Legwork for Evergreen Solar.

9. Promotional Poster

Promotional Poster

Promotional Poster for “Misspent: The Book”.

10. Smuckers Advert

Smuckers Advert

Advert for Smuckers jam.

Hope you like them!



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This Week’s Inspiration

Here it is, nice and early, before I finish for the weekend!

1. Project Thirty Three: Vintage Album Covers

Project Thirty Three Album Cover

Project 33 is a curated collection of vintage album covers all lovingly scanned by the owner of Seattle’s Jive Time Records.

2. London Elephants

London Elephants

Created to support endangered Asian elephants by well-known artists, designers and celebrities and placed all round London by the Public Arts Campaign.

3. Irina Vinnik

Illustrations by Irina Vinnik

Gorgeous illustrations by Russian illustrator Irina Vinnik.

4. Recycling Animation

Recycling Animation

“Don’t be a Dick, Recycle” – charming little animation.

5. Creative Chocolate

Creative Chocolates

Crave Sydney – a set of chocolates designed by Rachael Dunk.

6. Ziegler Family Newsletter

Ziegler Family Newsletter

Lovely family newsletter, very well executed!

7. One for Sorrow Letterpress Print

One For Sorrow Print

One for Sorrow print from New North Press and Richard Ardagh.

8. Hi-tech Sparkling Dresses

Sparkling Dress

Sparkling dress designed by CuteCircuit,  a London-based business specialising in ‘techno’ dressing.
9. Illustrations of Tweets

Illustrations of tweets

Funny post with illustrations of actual tweets.

10. Lyrical Spread

Lyrical Spread

An animation directed by Ian Robertson, featuring The Chameleon and Ill It Beatz.

That’s all for this week, although I have lots of other things I have found this month that haven’t made it to these posts, which I may put together for a monthly round up… so watch this space.



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