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Dartington Infographic

I was recently approached to design an info graphic for a piece about the economics of Dartington, a local organisation who work in partnership to¬†build creative and resilient communities which can be a force for positive social change. They wanted an infographic to explain how they work, and had some ideas about what they wanted it to look like, and together we put together this…

Dartington Infographic

Dartington Infographic

It was good fun to have a blank canvas and just a little bit of branding as a restraint for this, and I am really pleased with the final results!


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Monthly Inspiration Round Up

Since doing the weekly inspiration, I have found the odd thing here and there that hasn’t made it to the 10 on the weekly post, but I still wanted to share with you, so I have decided to do a monthly post, with a picture and link… so here’s July.

Click on the image to link to the post.

Cardboard Sculptures - Chris Gilmour

David Lipson's Robots

Design Glut's Uncomfortable Situation Cards

Brasuca Stop Motion for Cartoon Network

Coralie Bickford Smith's Penguin Classics - F Scott Fitzgerald

Photos of Titan

Murmure Hole Punch Posters

NY Times Olympic Torch Infographic

Deviant Art 10 Year Birthday Invitation

Craig Ward's Type Lab

Hope you enjoy these, I’ll also post the normal weekly inspiration fix later this morning!



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This Week’s Inspiration

Another weekly round up of the ten most inspiring things I found on the web:

1. The Coffee Poster

Lovely infographic from Plaid. If you’re interested in buying a print, you can email them too.

2. Daisy Lew’s Pop-ups

Fabulous pop-up work from Daisy Lew.

3. Nicholas Saunders

Lovely illustrator, I am particularly enamoured with the Harry Potter work.

4. Barnbrook Mix Tape

Barnbrook Mix tape from the archives – 1988!

5. Calligraffiti

Amazing calligraphic graffiti from ‘Shoe’.

6. Meet Your Type

A lovely, useful and educational booklet on typography. Find it here.

7. Typestache

Brilliant infographic poster based on typographic moustaches. Buy yours here!

8. Eight Faces

Elliot Jay Stock’s new magazine devoted to typography. Buy it here.

9. Telegramme’s Calavera Summer Series

Calavera Summer Series from Telegramme. Buy one or the whole series here.

10. Typographic Sins

Educational and beautiful poster from Jim Godfrey. Buy it here.

Well that’s this week’s inspiration!



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